Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sir Samuel Egerton Leigh

I have recently been asked to produce the arms believed to have been used by Sir Samuel Egerton Leigh Bart.

Arms said to be used by Sir Samuel Egerton Leigh

The third baronet's quarterings are believed to be represented as follows :

1 & 8  Leigh     : Or a Lion rampant Gules

2      Egerton   : Argent a Lion rampant Gules between three Pheons Sable 

3      Cavendish : Sable three Bucks' Heads cabossed Argent  (undifferenced as Lord Cavendish of Furness uses today; the quartering of these arms also serves to difference them)

4      Stanley   : Argent on a bend Azure three Stags' Heads cabossed Or (the arms of the Earl of Derby)

5      Clifford  : Checky Or and Azure a fess Gules

6      Brandon   : Barry of ten Argent and Gules a Lion rampant Or ducally crowned per pale of the First  and Second

7      Henry VII : Quarterly 1st & 4th, Azure three Fleurs-de-Lis Or  (France); 2nd & 3rd, Gules three Lions passant guardant in pale Or (England)

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