Wednesday 19 May 2004

A web site dedicated to Cheshire Heraldry

Today saw the official launch of as a stand alone web site. Those who have visited the site before today will know that until now it has been a sub domain of  the Goldstraw & Goostrey Genealogy site at 

The site began as a colour "translation" of the armorial bearings featured in Daniel King's Vale Royal of England and has now expanded to include the beginnings of the first Heralds Visitations of Cheshire. 

I have spent time ironing out one or two technical problems with the new home of the works and have therefore somewhat neglected my routine of adding at least one new image almost daily. The illustrations of the Visitations are by their very nature more time consuming than those arms featured in the Vale Royal part of the web site which in the main are "plain" [not quartered] arms.

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