Friday 11 December 2009

The Michael Renton Archive

Engraved heraldic bookplate for Michael L. Eveleigh

Just occasionally I come across something which is far too good to keep to myself. Today whilst indulging in my two favourite pass times, tea drinking and browsing the web looking for any allusive heraldry, I came across the archives of Michael Renton (which I had thought had been lost to posterity).


Michael Renton, designer, engraver and lettering craftsman died in rather tragic circumstances in July 2001. A large and extremely well-documented archive of correspondence, drawings, rubbings and prints was in serious danger of being destroyed as Michael died intestate. Thanks to the efforts of John Nash and his sensitive negotiations with family connections, solicitor and print dealers a larger part of the archive has been left to The Edward Johnston Foundation.
The collection is currently in storage awaiting full cataloguing and proper accessibility. The on-line catalogue of Michael's engravings and drawings (mainly containing lettering) is now complete and appears over the following pages. The enlarged images are actual size where possible. [End Quote]

 To see Michael's work go the the link then click on the blue navigation bar marked "collections" and then click on "Michael Renton Collection and Archive" that will open up the full collection: Enjoy.

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